Success Stories


Tom and Dean,

As you may be aware with the recent flooding in the Phoenix area we had a site located in a vault that took on 2 feet of water. Needless to say, the site went down. We placed an emergency call to Brent. The call was early in the evening and he was able to have a crew at our site by 8:00pm. The site was completely down, our battery backup and parts our power supply was ruined. We had the majority of the water out of the vault by the time your crew arrived but they were still dealing with a mess which had to first be cleaned up before we could begin determining what needed to be taken out and replaced. Jed and Nick were quick to evaluate the situation and make the needed recommendations. With a plan in place they were able to remove the affected equipment from the vault and install the needed new equipment.

Under the best of circumstances this work would take about 8 hours. Your crew had us up and running by 2:00am. Thank you for resolving this situation and getting the affected services up so quickly.

An Arizona Customer