Success Stories

Success Story

There are not many things worse than when the power goes out at home – no TV, no computer, no lights. Now imagine that happening tenfold at a central office for a communications provider – no cable, no internet, no phone for thousands of people. It’s not a situation that anyone wants to be in, but if proper backup precautions are made, it’s one that can be avoided. Power Product Services helps communications providers avoid these types of situations every day.

PPS is in the business of providing DC backup power. When commercial power fails, PPS is the company that has the products and services that keep critical power loads up and running. They do it all – products, installation, testing, disposal – and they work with all ranges of critical loads, from small telecom cabinets to large power plants.

This innovative company, headquartered in Denver, CO. was established in 1990. The owners Dean Laliberte & Tom Broschinsky, realized the need for the installation, testing and service of backup power products. It was indeed an issue that required attention and the two men quickly discovered that their services were in high demand. Today PPS employs over 50 team members in five states and has customers across the country.

PPS has a strong commitment to customer service. It proved that commitment recently when working on a project for a Minnesota telephone company. The company needed a new power plant, inverter and batteries – a typical project that PPS takes on every day. However, this one was different. Before PPS could go to work, a few things needed to be addressed. The iron infrastructure needed to be replaced, and so did the fiber ducts and the cable. Basically, the central office needed to be rebuilt.

This telephone company’s central office is not small. It has 7,200 amps running through it. This project was going to be a challenge. “We’ve never rebuilt a central office before, and at first, I really questioned whether or not it could be done,” says Laliberte. “Thankfully, we had good suppliers to help us with the needed materials. Our team did an outstanding work. Everything looks great, and most importantly , our customer was very happy.” Overall PPS installed more than 10,000 feet of cable, ranging in size from #6 to 535 MCM as well as large quantities of fiber duct and ladder racking.