Dedicated to high standards of excellence and quality since the current principals took ownership in 1992. We value each one of our customers, and we hope that you find working with us rewarding and satisfying.

About Us

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Power Product Services (PPS).  PPS was formed by the owners of Telcom Marketing, Ltd. (TML) which was the marketing company representing GNB Industrial Battery (owned by Exide Technologies).  The owners of TML saw the need for a service organization to support their DC power product line and thus PPS was formed.  Dedicated to high standards of excellence and quality since the current principals took ownership in 1992.  We value each of our customers and hope that you find working with us to be a rewarding experience.

We have extended our business to not only provide DC power, but also include Cat 5/6 and Fiber Optic installations AND Tower construction and testing . We are dedicated to providing superior products and services to our customers. Whether it is a telephone office providing voice, data and video, a large manufacturer that requires continual on-line power to keep operating or a large communication tower which requires additional equipment or testing, we provide the equipment to make sure our customers are “on line, all the time”.

Strengthened by the PPS CORE VALUES:

  • Safely providing service to the customer is above all else.
  • Striving for perfection in what we do daily.
  • We are dependable and trustworthy.
  • We work hard and go the extra mile with a “can-do” attitude.
  • Our company success is for the benefit of all.


Batteries & DC Power Plants

PPS is aligned up with the major manufacturers of stationary batteries and DC Power Plants.  From 7 to 4,000 ampere hour batteries, PPS has the product you need.
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Service & Installation

PPS is known through much of the country as having some of the best DC Power and Tower technicians in the country.  From Power to Tower, whether your needs are in Phoenix metro or rural USA we can handle your needs.

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PPS has trained technicians to maintain and test your critical communication systems and DC power plants.  From Power to Tower, whether is 200′ in the air or a remote cabinet, PPS has the skilled professionals to take care of your critical needs.

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Our History

TML originally began in the mid 1980’s. It was formed soon after the divestiture of AT&T. With divestiture came the opportunity to provide products to the local Bell operating companies which no longer had the likes of a Western Electric to provide the telecommunications and power equipment required by the telephone industry. TML helped to fill that void and at the time sold a host of products to the “Telco’s” including batteries and other DC power equipment.

Fitting hand in hand with the provisioning of Telco equipment came the need for service to install and test this equipment. For this reason PPS was also formed. Starting out small where just the current salesmen wore the sales and the service hat, PPS has grown to a company which has established offices in 5 states and has performed services in a good share of the 50 states. A slow controlled growth has kept PPS and its mother company TML financially strong and poised for continued growth to meet the ever increasing need for backup power.

From 24Vdc to 480Vdc, from 2 amps to in excess of 10,000 amps, PPS has the products you need