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    Backed by trained sales and service personnel with nationwide offices, we are dedicated to providing superior products and services to our customers.

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  • Dedicated to High Standards & Quality Since 1992

    We value each one of our customers, and we hope that you find working with us rewarding and satisfying.

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  • We Guarantee You Will Be Happy With Our Service

    PPS guarantees that you will be happy with our service and our products. From the top of the tower to the batteries in the basement we won’t stop until you are satisfied with our work.

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Established in 1992, PPS has become an industry leader in providing back up power products & services.

From small telco cabinets to large power plants we have batteries to backup your critical loads...
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DC Power ProductsPPS is aligned with the major providers of DC power plants. From 24Vdc to 480Vdc, from 2 amps to....
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Service & InstallationPPS is a major service provider of DC installation, communication tower installation, testing and service...
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PPS has certified tower climbers and is able to perform your critical communication tower installations...
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Who We Are

It’s our pleasure to welcome you to Power Product Services (PPS). PPS was formed by the owners of Telcom Mkt., Ltd. (TML) the marketing company which represents Exide Technology Industrial Energy (formerly GNB).

The owners of TML saw the need for a service organization to support their DC power product line and thus PPS was formed. Dedicated to high standards of
excellence and quality since the current principals took ownership in 1991.

TML originally began in the mid 1980’s. It was formed soon after the divestiture of AT&T. With divestiture came the opportunity to provide products to the local Bell operating companies which no longer had the likes of a Western Electric to provide the telecommunications and power equipment required by the
telephone industry.

TML helped to fill that void and at the time sold a host of products to the “Telco’s” including batteries and other DC power equipment.

PPS is well known throughout the country as a quality DC power installation company. Whether your needs are in Phoenix metro or rural North Dakota, we provide dependable and reliable service. Contact one of our qualified sales personnel for details on our certified IEEE preventative maintenance plans, a quotation for a power change out or a free DC power evaluation.

Our DC power technicians are familiar with all of the commonly used battery manufacturers and the various DC power equipment manufacturers. We perform work for many of the tier 3 telco providers as well as many of the small independent telco’s. Next to the safety of our employees we value the necessity of keeping your equipment up and running and backed up at times during our service visits.

Midwest Region (MN, ND, SD, IA, WI)

Mountain Region (UT, ID, MT, WY)

Southwest Region (AZ, NM, TX, NV)

Plains Regional Sales Manager (CO, NE)

What People Say About Us

  • Brett in MN

    I wanted to let you know that the new fuse panel is installed and was successfully turned up this morning at approximately 3:00AM. I want to give a shout out to Travis and Ryan from PPS and let them know that they did a fantastic job.

    Brett in MN

  • James in AZ

    Brent, Gabe did an excellent job and I am very satisfied. He even went the extra to wipe down the battery string and make it shine like new again.

    James in AZ

  • Joe in ND

    Things went well. We were very appreciative of how clean the guys were when working. Boxes opened, gear moved into room, boxes and packaging picked up promptly thrown away and even swept up the garage floor which was dirty from our line crews and not them. Besides that, they were quiet and didn’t disrupt our office. Very happy with the work.

    Joe in ND

  • Michelle in AZ

    First off I want to start off by saying that my team and the customer were impressed and very happy with the job done in Phoenix last week. You guys brought the right amount of people, good crews and they were able to knock that huge job out in 2 nights. Please let your team know that it was a job well done and that their efforts did not go unnoticed. And a special thank you to you and Boyd for moving your schedule around and making this happen. This is a newer customer and we are all being watched very closely.

    Michelle in AZ

  • Larry in AZ

    I also want to let you know of the excellent work done by your installers. As you know, I’ve been in this business quite a while, but am still amazed at the amount & quality of work completed by them in such a short amount of time. Your lead technician was great and his knowledge and professionalism on the job makes it a pleasure to do business with PPS.

    Larry in AZ

  • Mike in CO

    I just talked with our customer and he was really happy with the work you guys did there. He said he was a little concerned before the job with all the cuts and everything, but could not have been happier after you finished with the way it all turned out. I just wanted to pass his message along to all of you.

    Mike in CO

  • Ryan in UT

    I just did a post walk on the job in Vegas for 3 weeks. Our customer was blown away on how great everything turned out!! Because of that he wants us to bid on more upcoming work. Great work guys!

    Ryan in UT

  • Tim in VA

    We recently had an upgrade performed by your company for new batteries, power frame, power distribution unit, inverter, cable racks, associated cabling. Old batteries and cabling was also removed. I want to extend a thank you for the equipment and installation. Your Power Technician, Jeff , did such a wonderful job. I cannot stress how impressed I was with Jeff. He has an excellent work ethic, does a top notch, professional job, and is very helpful and personable. Kudos to Jeff and your company

    Tim in VA

A Few of Our Clients

From 24Vdc to 480Vdc, from 2 amps to in excess of10,000amps, PPS has the products you need