DC Power Products

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DC Power Plants and DC Fuel Cells

PPS is aligned with the major providers of DC power plants.  From 24Vdc to 480Vdc, from 2 amps to in excess of 10,000 amps, PPS has the products you need.  With embedded base of our products in most of the 50 states our base is well established and already proven to face the test of time.

PPS is the largest value added reseller of Vertiv and along with providing the best product, when your Vertiv equipment is installed by the PPS team of professionals you have a full 2 year warranty against defects in the product or workmanship.  Emerson Network Power is now Vertiv.

PPS is a authorized manufacturer representative for Plug Power’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell.  Plug Power’s signature solution, GenKey provides reliable back up power utilizing clean hydrogen energy reducing dependence on carbon-based fuels making a positive impact on the economy, society and environment.

Downloadable Documents:

Vertiv Netsure 211
Vertiv Netsure 502
Vertiv Netsure 702
Vertiv Netsure 801
Netsure 211 System App Guide
Netsure 502 System App Guide
Netsure 702 System App Guide
Netsure 801 System App Guide
Exeltech MX Inverter   


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